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Wooden sorting tray with or without tickit treasure NEW

Wooden sorting tray with or without tickit treasure NEW

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A special collection of our beautiful smooth wooden treasures in a wooden sorting tray. Including blue stones, red toggles, orange rings, yellow droplets, purple pickles and green cones - the shapes are inspired by nature and discovery and each one comes in 3 colour shades.

Designed to stimulate the imagination, engage logic, discover creative ability, develop coordination and enhance fine motor skills - the set is ideal as a portable imaginative play box, for creating patterns, sorting and making small world play scenes on the move.

The organic colours symbolise emotional characteristics and the senses: Red = strength, energy, love Orange = creativity, self-awareness, transformation Yellow = wisdom, learning, happiness Green = physical healing, nature, caring Blue = emotional healing, calm, inner peace Purple = spirituality

This 109-piece set includes 18 each of the 6 shapes in a 6-way wooden sorting tray with clear acrylic sliding lid for display.



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