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Jasper the dragon stories - educational

Jasper the dragon stories - educational

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Jasper the Firefighting Dragon:
The first book in the series introduces Jasper, he's a water breathing dragon who doesn't fit in with the other dragons no matter how hard he tries. But after putting out a house fire he's invited to join the fire brigade and becomes Jasper the Firefighting Dragon. Once he stops trying to be like the other dragons, he suddenly finds that he has more friends than he can count.
The lovely author Val Blackburn has offered to sign copies and add a short personalised message on the book for you - choose the correct varient of the book.
also available:

Jasper the Dragon and the Fiery Sneeze:
In the second book in the Jasper dragon series, Jasper has to protect Huffenpuffen Valley from a fire SNEEZING dragon. This book is particularly good for early readers who are learning phonics, and is filled with lots and lots of sneezes. Atchoo!

Jasper the Dragon and the Magical Circus:
In the third book in the Jasper Dragon series, the Magical Circus visits Huffenpuffen Valley. When disaster strikes during a circus act, Jasper bravely saves the day. This book continues to celebrate individuality and introduces young readers to mythical creatures including a rainbow unicorn and a phoenix.



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