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  • Scoops and hearts

    Beatuiful pastel scoops

  • My Mood Stars

    Sad, Happy, Cross, Grumpy, Tired, silly

    Mood stars 
  • Roll around Feel calm

    These engaging rollers help support feelings of calm and wellbeing in addition to improving fine motor skills. Moving the rollers in different directions reveals fascinating, sensory patterns that are inviting to touch. Children will be absorbed in the relaxing motion of creating continuous designs and deciding which way to roll – round and round, up and down or free flow! The unique design of the rollers helps to strengthen children’s hand muscles, laying the foundations for mark-making and future handwriting.

  • A great selection of bugs, lady bugs, bees, play stones and bug hotels

    Bees and flowers

    bee number pebbles, bee number cards, wooden shape veiwers

  • Play tray stand with FREE TUB TRAY

    A lovely water, sensory, sand play table with stand and net

  • Emotion rollers

    These inventive rollers will help children to recognise and talk about six key emotions: happy, excited, sad, worried, calm and angry. Roll into play dough, clay or sand to create a body, and add a face to complete the emotion. Each design will provide lots of talking points to help children to express and understand how their faces may look and how their body may feel when experiencing a particular emotion. Why not match the emotion to a particular colour of dough?

  • Coming soon POLARB range

    Coming soon we have a lovely range of role play toys from hair dressing, play tills to Dentistry and Tool benches

  • Emotion tactile, sensory play stones

    This set of tactile emotion stones has been developed especially for young learners. The set has all the charm of our bestselling Emotion Stones and includes eight large stones that are perfect for small hands to explore. Featuring the four emotions that young children most readily identify and experience – happy, sad, surprised, and angry, the set includes two examples of each feeling so that you can use them for matching activities. Durable and washable, they are cast from our unique stone mix and can be used outdoors and in sand and water.

    Each stone measures approximately 70mm. Age 2+.

  • Are you OFSTED ready? Is your safeguarding up to date? Safeguarding ultimate bundle!

    Use discount code EDU10 for 10% discount and so they know we sent you to our partner


Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock bags, belt bags, drink bottles and 3D colour changing... 

We Support other Small businesses

Our unique selling point = support small businesses with us.

Not only do we showcase a range of Educational Resources from well known bigger suppliers, we also help smaller and family run businesses.

Whats behind the creation of Edutrayplay Ltd?

Have you ever noticed children stood around a table full of trains and tracks and how engaged they are in play?

Over the years when my eldest children were small I remember spending hours putting toys in separate labelled boxes, kept apart for play.

  • How do you feel about mixed playdough colours?

  • A Christmas tree with mixed colours?

  • Do you rearrange when the children are in bed?

Story sacks & treasure baskets have been popular for some time.  The curiosity approach, Hygge and heuristic play are becoming part of childcare education settings more and more.  Tuff trays and the flisat filled with toys have also been favoured too.

Now go back to that train track and picture this small world set up with tunnels, trees, animals, bridges, rainbows, people, buildings and sand.

Picture a toy kitchen with plates and cakes. Now add to that chefs hat, aprons, utensils, menus, rolling pins, realistic stone foods and trays.

A mud kitchen or sand pit with sand and buckets, add to that funnels, jugs, water (its ok to mix it) pipettes, vehicles, dinosaur and fossil play stones.

A Child's world they can create and build using all the areas of learning - open ended play - a holistic way of learning.

My youngest child was described as inquisitive, a character, with a mischievous side.  He has grown into a resourceful young man, ambitious.  He is creative, knowledgeable and has can do (won’t be beaten) attitude.

As a child nick named (light heartedly) ‘spaghetti arms’ because he couldn’t help touching everything whever we went.  He learned best through playing and exploring, touching, smelling and moving things - using his senses to explore his world.  I always dreamed of home schooling him or sending him to a Waldorfsteiner or Montessori aligned school. During Covid lockdown he thrived when learning at home and later we found a fantastic college for that taught in a way that suited his needs. Moving on in his career he is now a trainee engineer.