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Tonies Box starter kit (includes one FREE figure) - NEW - FREE P&P

Tonies Box starter kit (includes one FREE figure) - NEW - FREE P&P

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Improve speech in just four months

Play a few Toniebox stories each day and your child will hear 100's of new words. It's proven to boost their speech and reading skills in only four months.

Make bedtime a breeze

No, really. Parents say the Toniebox helps kids wind down and drift off. Pop a sleepy Tonie on to set a snoozy mood with lullabies, stories, white noise and more.

Take them places

Brings stories and music on your travels. Their Toniebox has 7-hours of battery and is easy for kids to use. Oh, and you can even get matching headphones for when you need quiet time.

Designed for kids, built for parents

Soft, squishy and super squeezable. But tough enough to survive thousands of tumbles. No matter what comes its way - the Toniebox is up to the task!

All Tonieboxes include a Creative-Tonie character packed with preloaded songs and stories to keep kids smiling from sunrise to sunset. Customise your character's audio at any time in a few clicks using the mytonies app.

Kids can use it themselves

200+ hand-painted figures to collect

Perfect for any journey

2 Year Warranty

Free Tonie figure included

Beat boredom with hours of free stories

Soft, huggable and tumble-proof



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