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my mood stars

Large My mood Star expression Cushion - senior care - early years

Large My mood Star expression Cushion - senior care - early years

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These adorable children’s cushions are ideal for home, travelling or school!

This 51 cm cushion in soft Velboa helps your child communicate how they are feeling by cuddling Sad or Happy Star.

Gives a secure feeling of security and love just like the regular my mood stars either to sleep with or just cuddle up on the sofa!

And adults love them too!

Care home feedback:

"One of the local residents, an 80 year-old, said that she liked the feel of the Mood Stars. It reminded her of the blanket on her bed when she was a child"

I handed one of the Mood Stars to a gentleman who was sitting at his tray. He took the Mood Star and used it to mop up some spilled tea and biscuit crumbs.

Initially, I was disappointed by his behaviour. However, one of the care workers told me that he was using the Star to express that he wanted to mop his tray. She made a note of providing him with a cloth at meal times.

I followed a care worker and two residents to the Activity Station. There, I set up the My Mood Stars board which has sticky Velcro dots stuck to it (about the size of a one pence piece)

The backs of the Mood Stars are Velcro receptive which means that they stick to the “Scratchy” side of Velcro.

I showed the care worker how to pelt the Mood Stars onto the board in the attempt to get them to stick to the Velcro dots.

There was laughter all around as the first three Stars bounced of the board and a celebratory “Yes!” when one of the Stars stuck.

Louise loved the idea of My Mood Stars in care homes and suggested that there was a “Cognitive Stimulation” activity sheet available on the My Mood Stars website as a printable download



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