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Four seasons wooden double sided trees - NEW - SALE

Four seasons wooden double sided trees - NEW - SALE

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These double-sided, beautifully detailed wooden trees are a fantastic addition to small world play scenes and storytelling. Eight different types of tree, show two seasons each, and the complete set features four seasons, giving lots to talk about and flexibility in play. Matching base colours for each season help with sorting. Set contains eight wooden pieces depicting the following trees: apple, beech, cherry, Douglas fir, hazel, oak, Scot’s pine, silver birch.

Look closely and you find lots of animals and seasonal details, including bee, blackbird, butterfly, crossbill, crow, deer, goldcrest, jay, long-eared owl, merlin, mouse, pheasant, rabbit, robin, squirrel, woodpecker. Made from sustainably-sourced pine, each tree has a 15mm deep sturdy base making them easy to stand up as scenery props. Trees measure approx 75–130mm. Safe for 2+.

unit size 218 × 143 × 68mm



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