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Marion Holmes

10 Social Skills for Post Pandemic Children book

10 Social Skills for Post Pandemic Children book

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7 in 10 Parents Say Children’s Post-Pandemic Social Skills Have Declined!

Are you giving your child the tools for a happy childhood?
Do you often complain that your child doesn’t listen to you?
Does your child find it hard to make new friends?
Does your child run to you to solve every little problem, mishap, and conflict?
Do you have a challenge getting your child to cooperate and responsibly complete tasks?
Do you worry about your child being bullied or being a bully?

I know what it feels like to have a child paralyzed with shyness or ignorance…but I also know what it feels like to empower your child with absolute and effortless confidence!

Rafael always wanted to join the other kids at play, but he was never invited or allowed to. He slowly became the most withdrawn, loneliest little boy in school. His mom was so concerned about him and even, sadly, once paid a parent to have her kid invite Rafael to a party! Luckily, his mom was introduced to the same life-changing secrets and practical information found in this book. Now Rafael is a happy, active boy who loves hanging out with his friends each day!
Parents are paying £3000-$m£5000 to get this same help for their kids, but I think this information should be available to all parents without breaking the bank. This is why I wrote this book.
I have taught, counseled, and helped hundreds of children and parents in schools, communities, and clubs, who struggled with the devastating consequences that a lack of social skills caused. Based on my extensive experiences over 23 years, I now want to help you and your child get the help you need and deserve.

Click the “BUY NOW” button to discover these powerful tools and advice, 99 super easy hands-on games and activities for one-on-one or group learning, real-life scenarios for roleplay and application, and thought-provoking questions to teach and reinforce the skills learned…all to help your children master those crucial skills.

Imagine discovering the proven secrets your child needs to navigate childhood successfully:
• Become an absolute team player who cooperates at home, at school, and in the community.
• Mindfulness techniques that can be used daily to calm anxiety
• Do’s and Don’ts of socializing with peers.
• 25 of the best-proven icebreaker questions to make new friends.
• How to avoid drama and “break up” with friends.
• How to stop panicking when problems come and solve them like a boss!
• Proven tips for knowing how to choose right from wrong.
• Understand bullying by learning how to prevent and deal with bullies effectively.
• Read people’s posture, facial expressions, and other body languages so that communication will be clear and easy.
• Sharpen social skills daily with highly effective practices.

These skills will ensure that your child will be the respectful, articulate, intelligent, and kind person you want them to be, even if some have already given up on your child!
Get your kid from the corner of the playground to the center of the circle! Take your kid wherever you want to without fear of a tantrum in public. The best thing is that most of the activities can be done while going about your daily routine with your child.
You cannot afford to wait! This is a must-have, must-read book that will enrich their lives and give them hope.
If you want your child’s fears to disappear…if you want your child to master social skills, scroll up and click the “BUY NOW ”button!
P.S. As a bonus, you can also receive a FREE guidebook. If you find yourself tearing your hair out at the bad habits your child picks up and constantly searching for ways to get them to practice good ones, then this free guide is for you. Just click the link below!

I recommend this book for all the caregivers and teachers and parents who wants to help their children learn positive self-esteem, problem solving and problem solving skills. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use your book and stages to help me with the children I work with. Shauna Dawson

This books ticks so many boxes on different levels of nurturing the young ones in your life - whether as a school or as a parent, club or activity centre. So many tasks to engage in whilst developing those much needed soft skills! It is a true treasure and depicts the great work that has gone into this! Safe Fadipe



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