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wooden alphabet board & stand - gladfolks - curiosity approach


Our handmade wooden alphabet boards & display stands are designed with multiple uses in mind - as a tabletop reference board, a piece of art, a tracing tool, and a large, sturdy surface for practicing letter recognition or playing games. Inspired by Montessori-style natural materials and the concept of sandpaper letters, this engraved alphabet allows children to trace their fingers in the grooves of the wood and feel each letter form while absorbing the beauty of the alphabet (uppercase & lowercase) in a vintage book-inspired serif font. Our wooden boards & coordinating stands are crafted by hand. Sealed with food-grade mineral oil. Made from plywood & hard maple.  Each item is unique and made-to-order; wood tone & grain will vary from piece to piece.

This item is not a toy but would be ideal as part of the curiosity approach or hygge as a tool to be used under adult sepervision