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The Gigantuous Collection by Roald Dahl - Yoto -

£89.99 £86.91

Yoto says: The complete collection of children's stories from one of the most revered storytellers of all time. Deep dive into Roald Dahl's amazing imagination with this full bundle set!

* Please note: Roald Dahl invented quite a few fantastic words in his time, including "Scrumdiddlyumptious" and "Splendiferous"! But one or two words in this title err on the PG side of G, and we understand that tastes may have changed since it was written. If you'd like to buy this title, we recommend exercising caution, practicing forgiveness, or getting in touch for more detail!

The perfect gift for Dahl fans old and young alike. From his most famous classics, to his remarkable wacky tales, and some of his lesser-known gems, this pack has it all!

This card pack includes: 

1. Dirty Beasts
2. Revolting Rhymes*
3. The Enormous Crocodile 
4. Esio Trot 
5. Fantastic Mr Fox 
6. The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me
7. The BFG
8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 
9. George's Marvellous Medicine 
10. James and The Giant Peach 
11. Matilda
12. The Twits
13. Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator
14. The Magic Finger
15. Boy
16. Billy and Minpins
17. Danny The Champion Of The World
18. Going Solo
19. The Witches

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery due to this being a small independent company.