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Dental educational hygiene classroom kit

Dental educational hygiene classroom kit

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Complete kit for teaching children about dental health and hygiene. Kit includes a giant teeth demonstration model, a giant toothbrush, 24 plaque disclosing tablets, 10 dental mirrors and a sand timer.

The 2 minute sand timer can be used to demonstrate to children, the length of time that they should ideally be cleaning their teeth for.

The dental mirrors enable children to explore the hard-to-see parts of their mouths. The disclosing tablets can be used to demonstrate which teeth have plaque on them. Simply chew a tablet and watch as the plaque is stained red. The colour is easily removed by brushing teeth. The giant teeth demonstration model, comes complete with a large toothbrush. The teeth can be manipulated manually in a hand-puppet like fashion.

Can be used to prompt discussions on good oral hygiene, how teeth may be damaged and also how to look after them properly. Can also be used to explore the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.


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