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look inside - community play vehicles - NEW - coming MARCH

look inside - community play vehicles - NEW - coming MARCH

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Embark on a journey of discovery with this set of six beautifully illustrated double-sided wooden vehicles. The set is designed to develop children’s understanding of the vehicles, the people who use them and how they both contribute to our communities.
Each piece showcases the exterior and interior of a vehicle, with lots of details to pore over. These design features invite children to look closely, sparking discussions about the vehicle’s function. Enhance this exploration by using magnifiers, allowing children to delve into the finer points of each piece.
The flat base of each vehicle enables them to stand upright, providing opportunities for imaginary play and nurturing storytelling skills.
Ask children to identify vehicles based on their interiors or discuss what might be inside a vehicle having identified what it is. Use the recycling lorry as a catalyst for discussions on consumer choices and to foster a deeper connection with the world around us.
Made from FSC-certified pine, the set includes six vehicles: ambulance, delivery van, fire engine, police car, recycling lorry, roadside recovery van, taxi, and tractor. Maximum length of 169mm. Safe for children aged 18m+.



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