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GROUNDING STONES - neurodiverse resource - NEW

GROUNDING STONES - neurodiverse resource - NEW

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The 5,4,3,2,1 Grounding Technique is a quick way to calm and ease anxious moments. It works by
heightening your senses to the environment around you and helps to re-focus from any
negative/anxious thoughts and these stones act as a visual reminder.
It can be very difficult for children to focus when they are receiving a lot of sensory input from what is
around them. This technique may help with their attention and where to focus their energy. When
children (or adults) are used to this technique, it can help alleviate any anxious moments and they
begin to feel more in control (which can help as a confidence booster, especially when in other/new
The stones (made from recycled glass) are designed by myself using a decoupage technique (printed
on acid free tissue).  As with anything hand-made/recycled, there may be very slight variations on each
product - the beauty of unique items.
UKCA/CE certified for over 3 year olds.
Sealed with toy safety varnish and must not be submerged in water.
Keep away from young children and babies.



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