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nuture gnomes

Emotion nuture gnomes card game - NEW

Emotion nuture gnomes card game - NEW

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By being able to learn and express how they feel, children also gain a better understanding of how
others feel. It also gives them a great sense of value and helps to increase self-confidence.
The card game is a great way to explore different emotions (with some fun actions thrown in too).
When children are relaxed, they are more likely to open up about how they feel.  This is also a way to
start discussions in a fun way and supporting them to understand how different emotions affect
everyone in different ways, allowing for more positive communication and learning empathy.
This game can be adaptable for younger children by just removing some of the more complicated
The cards come in a biodegradable bag with a re-usable organza bag and hand stamped label for a
personal touch. 
Suitable for ages 4-11 or older children with SEND.
The pack contains: 47 cards: 22 emotion cards, 16 question cards and 8 gratitude cards (with an
instruction card).



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