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20 x Emotion stones - NEW Supplier

20 x Emotion stones - NEW Supplier

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Children learn better through play, and these emotion stones can be used by all children, including
neurodiverse, SEMH and those with non or limited vocabulary skills. They are a good starting point to
help with identifying emotions and gives children the confidence to discuss them openly, in a fun and
relaxed way.  Further discussions can help with thinking of strategies that can support a more positive
mind-set and engaging in conversations about others’ emotions (which helps with empathy skills and
how actions/words can impact others).
Emotion Stones: excited, worried, angry, sad, nervous, happy, upset, unsure, bored, scared, silly, calm,
confused, loved, mad, sick, surprised, proud, jealous and overwhelmed.
Made from recycled glass pebbles
Allowing for variations, average approx size of each stone 5cms x 3.5cms 
CE/UKCA tested for over 3-year-olds.
Sealed with toy safety varnish and must not be submerged in water.
Please keep away from young children/babies.



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