So you are wondering what a Yoto player actually does that is so great, yeah?

So you are wondering what a Yoto player actually does that is so great, yeah?

Firstly it is a no screen audio player that can be used and controlled safely by children from toddler to approx 12 years old.


It comes in a mini, which is great for travel or moving about and a standard size too.  Many people have both.  They have accessories such as a bag, adventure jacket (protector) in several colours, screen protector, headphones and many cards to pop inside to play anything from music, stories, podcasts and white noise.

Each morning is a daily podcast called Yoto daily, this is a must.  You can swipe the section at the top of the app controlled by the parent or can set it so the knobs can be controlled to play by the child.  You can send in a request for a birthday shout out or have your child record a joke to be read out.


You can set it to day with a sunshine icon and night with a moon and change the duration and set limits to the volume too.


The ‘Make your own’ cards are simply addictive.  You can do all sorts such as recording yourself, your child or a relative reading a story and put it on a card for your child to play.  You can load content from mp3 files and cd’s and some people purchase audible or similar to convert files.  Once you have done one, you will get the bug! You can create your own icons for the front of the player and make your own labels or stickers for the blank, make your own cards. Some people even print them.

There is a sleep section in the yoto app with many different white type noises such as a vacuum, white noise, rain, thunder, devon hedgerow and even camping sounds!

To tempt you to new cards there is a section where you can see newly released content and your own content  There is a section for radio, such as cbeebies radio, kids radio, various podcasts in different languages too.  Many podcasts from science to story explorers and more!


It is constantly updating and Yoto responds well to feedback and seems to be improving and adding functions regularly.

In addition to this the Club card is an out of this world offer. For £9.99 per month you can pick two cards and even better if money is tighter, you can cancel at any time. You pick from a selection of cards and they are delivered around the 20th of each month.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today

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