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Texture walk


Take a walk on the sensory side. Children will love exploring the super sensations of the Texture Trail from Hope Education.


This set of six sensory squares invites children to engage their senses as they explore a trail of tactile materials on both hands and feet. The texture trail can be used as a sensory tool or a way to teach textures.


Simply place them on the floor to experience; smooth, rough, sparkly, reflective, warm, rough, patterned, and cold textures.


• Supports sensory regulation

• Reducing tactile defensiveness

• Can be used as part of a sensory circuit

• Encourages descriptive words

• Develops coordination


Texture trail contains 6 textured squares that are fully washable and come in a handy storage bag. Squares are rubber backed to avoid slipping on hard floors.

Sensory exploration is one of the most fun ways to learn!

Creating an awareness of the senses through textures helps children be more descriptive when talking and explaining their world