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Rainbow Happy Feet Play Mat - reduced price




This set contains 7 different modular mats, which were carefully chosen to provide maximum foot stimulation and to combine all of the excellent features of the sensory mats. 

It offers a variety of surface types and represents a balanced combination of both hard and soft surfaces. Individual mats complement each other perfectly.


Firm elements stimulate and strengthen foot muscles - this is a principle of prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal foot issues such as flat feet. 

Soft elements provide foot massage and allow muscles to relax after intense stimulation on the rigid mats and mats with large elements. 


This is one of our most versatile sets. It is suitable for all children and adults to promote healthy foot development and help those with foot developmental issues.


The bright rainbow colours of the mats will turn the exercise and physio time into an entertaining game for the whole family.


Each set is made up individually and the mats may be differentbut will always represent the colours of the rainbow.


Set contains of 7 mats: 

    1. RED mat

    2. ORANGE mat

    3. YELLOW mat

    4. GREEN mat

    5. LIGHT BLUE mat

    6. BLUE mat

    7. PURPLE mat


Recomended Age: 1+

Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This set is made individually and colours may vary.