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Artisan Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate

Born from an idea, the love of everything ‘food’ and after many years in the food industry, by our founder & ceo, John Jeffery - “JJ”.

Our dream is to be recognised as one of the industry leaders within the UK independent chocolate market.

From concept, to creation JJ started with a very small number of slabs, which he mainly sold or gifted to family and friends, and very quickly word spread about this ‘new chocolate’ being ‘the best I’ve ever tasted’

As the interest in our chocolate continued to grow, so did the ideas and the range of products - we now offer in excess of 100 handmade chocolate products within our collections.

Due to the rapid growth of the business, JJ moved the entire operation to the rolling countryside of Cheshire, for an ‘extra helping hand’ from friends & family.

As the love for our chocolate continued to grow, it was time for us to find a larger and more suitable ‘chocolate headquarters’, and after months and months of searching for ‘the perfect place’ we found our home, and location of our production facility at Brogdale farm in Kent 

After weeks of renovation works, to ensure that ‘the old dairy’ was ready to be our brand new chocolate factory, we moved in to our new home.

With over 65,000 chocolate products ordered via our online platforms, we decided that it was time to open ‘the factory outlet’ in May 2021 at the front of our HQ - as JJ said “there should be no barriers when It comes to enjoying our chocolate”


Why Kakawa?

The word Kakawa originally comes from the South American Olmec civilisation and dates back to roughly 1000 BC. well before the Aztecs and Mayans The Olmec were the first civilisation to cultivate cocoa beans and called them Kakawa.

 They grew their cocoa plants on the luscious east coast of Mexico.