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My thoughts and inspiration

Have you ever noticed children stood around a train table full of trains and tracks and how engaged they are in play?

Over the years and also when my eldest children were little toys were put in separate labelled boxes, kept apart for play. Children love to mix toys.

How do you feel about mixed playdough colours?

A Christmas tree with mixed colours? Do you rearrange when the children are in bed?

Story sacks, treasure baskets have been popular for some time.  The curiosity approach, Hygge and heuristic play are becoming part of childcare education settings more and more.  Tuff trays filled with toys have also been favoured too.

Now imagine a track and some trains.  Now picture this small world set up with tunnels, trees, animals, bridges, rainbows, people, buildings and more.

Picture a toy kitchen with plates and cakes. Now add to that chefs hat, aprons, utensils, menus, rolling pins, realistic stone foods and trays.

A mud kitchen or sand pit with sand and buckets, add to that funnels, jugs, water (its ok to mix it) pipettes, vehicles, dinosaur and fossilplay stones.

A world they can create and build using all the areas of learning - a holistic way of learning.

My youngest child was described as inquisitive, a character, had a mischievous side.  He has grown into a resourceful young man, ambitious.  He is creative, knowledgeable and won’t be beaten with a can do attitude.

Nick named light heartedly as ‘spaghetti arms’ because he couldn’t help touching everything whever we went..  He learned best through playing and exploring, touching, smelling and moving things.  I always dreamed of home schooling him or sending him toa Waldorfsteiner or Montessori aligned school and this would have been great if I only could have afforded it.

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I love your Montessori sensory plays.
Do you ever ship to the US?

Please advise. Thanks.😉


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